Residential and Commercial Garage Doors

We provide outstanding garage doors featuring elegant, modern and classic designs. All our doors operate in a smooth and quiet fashion with commercial grade durability to meet the safety standards of European Union.

We save you money by selling pre-made and customized doors direct from the factory and doing full installations ourselves.

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How To Measure Your Garage Door


  • Step1 – Measure the width of the door opening: Our doors can accommodate widths ranging from 6′ up to 18′
  • Step2 – Measure the height of the door opening: Our doors can accommodate heights ranging from 74″ up to 16′
  • Step3 – Measure Side Room: Minimum requirement is 3″
  • Step4 – Measure Headroom: Minimum is 6″,  Ideal 16″ however less than 12″ requires special hardware. If headroom is more than 3′ it may be possible to install a high lift system
  • Step5 – Measure Backroom: Minimum requirement is the height of the door + 3′ for opener
Quick Guide to Comparing Garage Doors

Selecting a Garage Door is a simple task if you know the basics. Here is a list of points to follow to select a garage door that you need and like and is in your budget.

  • Insulation – the type and the density of the insulation will identify the efficiency of the insulation and the toughness of the door – What you need to do is: Push finger into the insulation and compare to GM Garage Doors Sample – harder resistance is the better door/insulation
  • Thickness of the panel – there is value in thickness of a garage door, but if there is no quality/density insulation, not “solid sandwich” as it should then there is no value to the thickness of the door
    Groove connect between panels – Dip U shape groove is related to finger resistance door which it’s not only very important safety feature, it also makes the door stronger (impact resistance) and more insulated since the air doesn’t go between the panels
  • Hardware and Installation– When you look/touch garage door hinges and rollers It’s easy to identify the quality of hardware
    • Don’t forget to ask for the life cycle of the springs
    • What is included in the supply/installation
    • Weather seal around the frame?
    • Remove existing door/opener?
    • Disposal existing door/opener?
    • Connecting existing opener (when not supply/install opener)?
  • Warranty – It’s including parts and labor? There is an option to extend the warranty?
  • Deposit and Payment – Do you need to pay deposit when you order the door?
    •  When you pay the balance?
    • What will happen to your deposit if you don’t get what promised
    • When the installation date – How guaranty such date?
    • What will be the total Prices include all the fees (i.e. transportation, miscellaneous, etc.) and taxes (GST, PST)

Remember don’t be impressed by sophisticate brochures, description, pictures or talent salesman. To compare and evaluate garage doors of different suppliers you need to see a sample of the actual doors.

Steel Garage Doors

We supply steel garage doors in 3 different designs: The classic design (panels with square pattern), the flush design (flat panels with no pattern), and the stripe design (flat panels with stripe pattern). We have 3 colors in stock for all the doors: White, Golden Oak and Dark Walnut  . All of our doors can also be painted very easily to have the exact color that you like. Please note the images here are just samples and we would be happy to bring you real samples in our free consultation. We can customize each door with square or round windows in any location that you like.


Width' Height' Price Installation
8 7 $800.00 $300.00
9 7 $900.00 $300.00
10 7 $1000.00 $300.00
12 7 $1,200.00 $300.00
14 7 $1,400.00 $400.00
16 7 $1,600.00 $400.00
18 7 $1,800.00 $400.00
8 8 $900.00 $300.00
9 8 $1,000.00 $300.00
10 8 $1,100.00 $300.00
12 8 $1,300.00 $300.00
14 8 $1,600.00 $400.00
16 8 $1,750.00 $400.00
18 8 $2,000.00 $400.00

Prices above include hardware, weather seal around the door, remove and disposal existing door (if apply) fuel and delivery charge (when we installing the door). + GST.

No additional/hide fees.

The above prices DO NOT include: opener ($500 – $700 extra), windows ($150 – $500 extra), color ($100 – $200 extra) low overhead system ($100 – $200 extra) and high lift system price which be determine after visiting the site.

Full View Aluminum Garage Doors

Our full view aluminum garage doors are made from top quality anodized aluminum and come in two different types: Garage doors with tempered glass and poly carbonate (80% lighter and 20% stronger than real glass). For the frames we have 2 different colors black and natural aluminum (silver) however the frames can also be painted very easily to have the exact color that you like. For the glass colors you can choose from frosted, clear, tinted and mirror. Please note the images here are just samples and we would be happy to bring you real samples in our free consultation.


Width' Height' Price Installation
8 7 $2,500.00 $500.00
9 7 $3,000.00 $500.00
16 7 $5,500.00 $700.00
18 7 $6,000.00 $700.00
8 8 $2,800.00 $500.00
9 8 $3,300.00 $500.00
16 8 $5,800.00 $700.00
18 8 $6,500.00 $700.00
8 9 $3,100.00 $550.00
9 9 $3,600.00 $550.00
16 9 $6,250.00 $750.00
18 9 $7,000.00 $750.00

The above prices include 5mm polycarbonate frosted or clear glasses, frame color (black, natural (silver), white or brown). These prices are NOT including, opener ($500 – $700 extra),

Industrial Garage Doors

All our doors are insulated with polyurethane (the best and most expensive on the market and the most environmentally friendly) featuring an R value of 16+ and Heavy duty hardware.


Width' Height' Price Installation
10 10 $2,000.00 $600.00
10 12 $2,500.00 $700.00
10 14 $3,000.00 $800.00
12 10 $3,500.00 $600.00
12 12 $4,000.00 $700.00
12 14 $4,500.00 $800.00
14 10 $3,000.00 $800.00
14 12 $3,500.00 $1,000.00
14 14 $4,000.00 $1,200.00
16 10 $4,500.00 $1,000.00
16 12 $5,000.00 $1,200.00
16 14 $5,500.00 $1,400.00

The above prices includes heavy duty Hardware, 2” tracks, springs with 100,000 cycle, weather seal. Locking device Remove and disposable existing door and manual chain lift    + GST Only.

The above prices are NOT including, electric opener, windows, color (other than white), low overhead system and not high lift system which be determine after visiting the site.

Special Order Doors

We can make a variety of special order doors based on the requirements of the customer. Here are some examples of what we have done in the past:

Fully Custom Garage Doors

We provide fully customized garage doors. Customizations can be as small as adding windows to any of the doors above or creating fully custom designs and dimensions. Please contact us for more detail at 604-555-1234.

GM Garage Doors is a LiftMaster Authorized Dealer In Vancouver, BC